Reading Achievement Center

  • The AIU's Reading Achievement Center (RAC) provides services and support designed to increase student learning and achievement in reading. The center's programs and services provide Allegheny County educators access to high quality professional development,  materials and resources to transform and sustain effective literacy instruction in grades pre-K to 12. RAC offers cohort based professional development at the AIU, as well as customized, onsite curriculum support and professional development.



    Reading Achievement Center Resources:

    The RAC room has limited samples of effective commercial programs and other educator resources to supplement and enhance classroom instruction and out-of-school learning. Reading Achievement Center staff are available to assist districts in reviewing curricular and instructional materials.

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  • Act 45 Course: Supporting Teacher Growth with ELA Common Core Shifts

  • English Language Arts (ELA) Symposium – 2 days (no cost)

  • Text Dependent Analysis PART 2: : Effective instructional Practices

  • Comprehension, Close Reading, and Complex Text: Laying the Foundation K-2

  • Adolescent Literacy Institute

  • Thinking Through the Pencil

  • Keys to Comprehension

  • Text Dependent Analysis: Effective Instructional Practices

  • The K-3 Reading Apprenticeship Model

  • PIIC Instructional Coaches’ Network

  • RAC Reading Specialists’ Network

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