AIU Mission & Vision Statements

  • AIU Mission

    We maximize educational opportunities for all learners by responding to the needs of our community with leading-edge, high-quality, cost-effective programs and services.


    AIU Vision

    Educational excellence is a hallmark of our region with all learners having access to the best services, enriching their lives and enabling their contribution to a vibrant economy.

  • AIU Beliefs

  • Collaboration
    We leverage the collective expertise and experience of our partners, encourage active participation from all constituents, and strive for inclusiveness in our programs and services.

  • Cost-Effectiveness
    We ensure programs and services are valuable, affordable, and of superior quality.


  • Trust
    We strive for character, competence, integrity, professionalism, and transparency in all that we do as they are necessary for building an effective education community.

  • Excellence
    We believe that demanding anything less than excellence, internally and externally, is sacrificing the potential that all learners possess, regardless of situation or circumstance.

  • Responsiveness
    We are driven by the needs of educators and learners in our development and delivery of programs and services.

  • Continuous Quality Improvement
    We are dedicated to ongoing, evidence-based improvement and challenging the status quo in order to advance education and provide rich and relevant opportunities for educators and learners.

  • Leadership
    We model a culture of excellence, inspiring effective leaders to create effective teachers and successful students.

  • Innovation
    We cultivate an entrepreneurial environment that fosters creativity as this is vital to conquering the dynamic complexities of an ever-changing world.