Secondary Transition Trainings & Resources

  • Secondary transition is the process of preparing students for life after they leave high school, including participation in post-secondary education or training, employment and community living. These three areas are often referred to as “post-secondary outcomes” and are the driving force behind Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) written for students in high school.

    How we can help: 

    We can provide technical assistance and professional development in presentation, interpretation and implementation of all phases of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by designing professional development and providing technical support that addresses all aspects of secondary transition and community collaboration, including:

    • Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA)
    • Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS)
    • Community Partnerships Program Development
    • Aligning PA Career Indicators to Secondary Transition Initiatives
    • Quality Indicators of Secondary Transition Programming
    • PA Career Ready Skills
    • Indicator 13 / IDEA  Compliance
    • Effective Practices in Secondary Transition
    • Pennsylvania Legislation Impacting Secondary Transition
    • Family Engagement for Secondary Transition
    • Transition Council Information and Secondary Transition Agency Updates
    • Youth Engagement for Secondary Transition
    • Building  Administrative Capacity to Support Transition-Aged Youth

    Additional Information / Resources: 


    Is there a cost?

    There is no cost for consultation or training.

    Contact AIU Secondary Transition Training and Consultation Coordinator:

    Dr. Erin Grimm

    You can find our training opportunities held at the AIU on the Training and Consultation (TaC) CalendarTaC Professional Development Offerings 2021-2022 and listed in the Act 48 Workshops.