RAC - Elementary & Middle School

  • Perfect for elementary and middle school teachers, these sessions will help educators empower their students and ignite their passion for reading:

Elementary & Middle School

  • Keys to Comprehension ELA Grades 3-8

    Targeted for teachers in grades 3 to 8, this series focuses on the literacy domain of reading comprehension. Participants learn instructional techniques to unlock reading comprehension, applicable to both literature and informational text.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 5, November 1, January 9, February 7

    Price: $600 per person

    Register for in-person coursehttps://bit.ly/3MTukeK

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/41A5vZy

    Text Dependent Analysis: Effective Instructional Practices ELA Grades 4-8

    This series focuses on effective teaching practices that help teachers to support students with overcoming some of the biggest struggles with the text-dependent analysis (TDA) portion of the PSSA.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: September 21, October 24, December 6, January 25

    Price: $600 per person

    Register for in-person course: https://bit.ly/3MOnoj2

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/41gufX1

    Text Dependent Analysis Part 2: Effective Instructional Practices ELA Grades 4-8

    This three-module series is open to participants who attended “TDA: Effective Instructional Practices” during a previous school year. In this series, participants will deepen their understanding of the reading, thinking, and writing processes necessary for TDA success.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: September 26, January 30, March 5

    Price: $450 per person

    Register for in-person course: https://bit.ly/3olUlcv

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/3UGeC8G

    Thinking through the Pencil – ELA Grades 4-8

    Thinking Through the Pencil is designed to build students’ critical thinking skills through writing. Participants engage in instructional practices based on current research.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 17, November 14, January 18, February 29

    Price: $600 per person

    Register for in-person course: https://bit.ly/43wL6WW

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/3mCLnXT


    Adolescent Literacy Institute Middle and High School English & Reading Teachers

    Specifically aligned with brain research on how adolescents learn, this workshop series engages participants in the research behind and modeling of effective reading and writing instruction for the secondary grades.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 19, November 30, January 31, March 7

    Price: $600 per person

    Register for in-person coursehttps://bit.ly/3A4hGlp

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/41qlUj8

    Word Wizards – ELA Grades 3-12

    Build your students into word wizards! This series presents teachers in grades 3-12 with research and practical strategies to strengthen students' word knowledge, through both indirect vocabulary exposure and direct vocabulary instruction.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 25, December 14, February 13

    Price: $450 per person

    Register for in-person course: https://bit.ly/3onauOI

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/3GPd6LG

    English Language Arts (ELA) Symposium

    2023-24 Topic: Differentiation in the ELA Classroom

    The ELA Symposium is the Reading Achievement Center's annual workshop addressing a critical need for strengthening teacher practice that improves student achievement. 

    Grades 3-5:

    Grades 6-8:



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