Work & Vocational Programs

  • Student measuring in wood shopVocational programs focus on hands-on learning in a simulated work environment. This experience-based learning teaches skills needed to be successful in a job or career. 

    A variety of vocational programs exist at Mon Valley School, Pathfinder School and Sunrise School. These programs focus on learning basic skills, which leads to independence in the work place. Movement from the center-based program to career and technical centers is an option for our students.

    Mon Valley School programs:

    • Clerical/Tech Office Skills - The program provides personal improvement with a focus on professional interaction, communication and attitude.
    • Diversified Auto Service - This program provides skills in shop safety, appearance, bench work, air and electric tools, metal and plastic fasteners, basic metal strengthening, panel/section replacement, welding (arc and gas), sheet metal, in-shop maintenance, basic refinishing, auto detailing, advanced refinishing and painting.
    • Diversified Auto Service/Mechanic - This program provides skills in shop safety, appearance, care of tools and equipment, vehicle lifting, parts, lubrication, cooling system, tires, wheels, electrical system, fuel system, exhaust, brake system, front end alignment, engine overhaul and the ignition system.
    • Child Development - Introduced in the 2021-22 school year, this program provides the necessary skills to work in childcare environments, including hygenic care, training on age-appropriate activities, analyzing a child's behavior and more.
    • Employment Oriented Home Economics - This program provides orientation, safety, and job opportunities such as nurse’s aide training including development of skills in working with patients, basic health care, meal service and assistance, grooming and sanitation.
    • Food Service - This program provides orientation and safety for job opportunities, sanitation and use of kitchen equipment, measurement and food storage as related to commercial instructional operation for basic food preparation.
    • Industrial Production/Maintenance - In this program, students learn safety skills for job opportunities, the proper use of hand tools and power tools, basic measurement, basic carpentry, the selection and care of lumber, use of wood fasteners, framing construction, concrete enforcement, construction of forms, basic plumbing and electrical wiring.
    • Material Handling-Delivery - The material handling curriculum provides student orientation and safety for job opportunities as listed: warehouse procedures, mailing procedures, packing (carriers, stocks, sorting), material handling, equipment, ordering items with purchase orders, bills of lading, invoices, weighing, handling, routing and marking inventory.

    The Pathfinder School programs:

    • Apartment Living - This program is comprised of housekeeping and laundry service with an emphasis on increased independence and safety.
    • Auto Detailing - Students learn basic skills for auto detailing with a focus on safety, tools, methods and maintaining quality of work.
    • Buildings and Grounds - Students learn basic skills required to do basic janitorial, warehousing and landscaping tasks with a focus on safety.
    • Food & Nutrition - This program is comprised of a variety of areas including nutrition, restaurant-style meal planning, food preparation, sanitation, safety, marketing and budgeting.
    • Industrial Arts - Students learn how to use basic hand and power tools to assemble new items and fix broken ones.
    • PAES Lab - The Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) is a beginning point for students’ exploring the world of work that allows students to sample a variety of work activities.
    • PRIDE Program

    Sunrise School programs:

    • Auto/Warehousing - The students enrolled in this class learn the basics of car details and warehousing skills.
    • Buildings and Grounds - Students in this class are exposed to building maintenance and upkeep by maintaining grass, flowers and trees.
    • Buildings and Grounds Breakfast Crew - Students essentially clean up the cafeteria after the breakfast period is over. Students wash and dry all tables, learn to sweep and mop the floors in a commercial setting.
    • Food Service - Students develop entry level skills that will enable them to work in the food service industry, such as handling equipment and following a recipe.
    • Industrial Arts - All secondary LS and LSS students at Sunrise take part in the industrial arts classes that emphasize safety while operating various tools and equipment.
    • PAES Lab - The Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) is a beginning point for students’ exploring the world of work that allows students to sample a variety of work activities.
    • Sunrise WORKS! - Students are placed in volunteer and non-paid internships in the community and are assessed in a variety of skills and job tasks. Job Coaches accompany small groups of students to work sites and evaluate the student performance and make recommendations for employment.