• Career Ready Boot Camp



    The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is pleased to announce a one-day 6-hour train-the-trainer boot camp (Act 48) designed to assist districts in meeting the statewide postsecondary attainment 2025 goal of 60 percent of Pennsylvanians with a postsecondary credential, certificate, or degree. Training will be provided by the Career Readiness State Training (CRST) team and will include the following:

    • Career Readiness and Workforce in PA (Career Education and Work Standards)
    • Industry-Based Learning
    • Stakeholder and Workforce Partnerships
    • Classroom and Workforce Alignment
    • Supporting Resources

    District training teams should include a minimum of three and no more than ten K-12 educators.  The lead team member should be a building principal or assistant principal.  With an emphasis on classroom alignment to workforce needs, team composition should include teachers from both elementary and secondary. 

    The goal of this training is the development of an action plan that utilizes stakeholder and workforce partnerships to expand the classroom to career connections and build school wide momentum for career readiness.  Team members will be poised to provide support in the implementation of the action plan.

    There will be a $500 stipend provided to districts that send up to 3 district personnel and a $1000 stipend to districts sending 4 or more to a training.  This stipend will only be provided to districts that attend a training before December 31, 2019.

    Find your region's boot camp in the calendar!  Contact your Regional Liaison for information on how to register.