Educational Technology & Innovative Practices

  • AI Tools in K-12

    Professional development and consultation for administrators and teachers on best practices in integrating AI tools (ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini) into leading, planning, and teaching.Also available: workshops highlighting strategies for teaching students how to use these tools in an ethical and responsible manner. Contact Brian Stamford for more information.

    Apple Education Professional Development

    The AIU’s Apple Education Team provides customized professional development, including effective pedagogical practices using Apple devices, iPad/Mac fundamentals, powerful advanced features, and built-in and third-party educational learning resources. Contact Brian Stamford for more information.

    CMU CS Academy

    Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science (CS) Academy is a novel, world-class, online, interactive high school computer science curriculum that is entirely free. The AIU offers two-day workshops to familiarize secondary teachers to CS Academy’s curriculum and prepare them to teach computer science in an engaging and accessible manner. Free workshops are hosted each year through transformED or can be tailored to the needs of specific districts. Contact Linda Muller for more information. Computer Science K–12 Curriculum 

    As a Regional Partner, the AIU offers a range of resources for K–12 computer science instruction, including workshops for’s CS Fundamentals (K–5), CS Discoveries (6–10) CS Principles (9–12), and CSA curricula, with the latter two having an Advanced Placement option. Additionally, the AIU hosts computer science workshops designed for school administrators and counselors, and can hold strategic planning sessions around K–12 integration or computer science. Contact Linda Muller for more information.

    Computer Science -- Apple Can Code Curriculum

    As a certified Apple Education trainer, the AIU offers professional development for Apple’s Everyone Can Code curricula. This free resource provides engaging, unplugged, and online activities to help students in third through eighth grades learn computational thinking and block-based programming. Contact Brian Stamford for more information.

    Esports Facilitator Role-Alike Meetings

    The AIU holds monthly, virtual meetings for esports coaches and facilitators focused on best practices, collaboration, and competition between schools. Interested schools without existing esports programs are invited to join this group for assistance in all stages of esports implementation. Contact Brian Stamford for more information.

    Instructional Coaches' Network

    The AIU holds monthly instructional coaching workshops to provide information related to best practices and hands-on exercises to build coaching skills. Participants learn tools and techniques for effective academic coaching and engage in collaborative problem solving with peers. The role-alike workshops are open to coaches who specialize in technology, literacy, and math, as well as general instructional coaching. Contact Heather Moschetta for more information.

    Additional tech-focused professional development opportunities are available on the Technology Services page.