Access Program

  • On a contractual basis, the AIU Access Program is available to provide School-Based Access Program management services to school districts and charter schools.  The AIU Access Program supports billing processes and compliance.

    The Access Program is a means for school districts to gain partial reimbursement for health-related services for special education students who are eligible for Medicaid.

    The AIU's implementation of the Access Program includes:

    • Student MA eligibility checks
    • Obtaining medical authorization for services
    • Student, provider, service and IEP data upload to EasyTrac
    • Maintenance of provider caseloads in EasyTrac
    • Submission of quarterly Staff Pool and Calendar to the Claiming System
    • Training materials for providers
    • Compliance monitoring and technical assistance with audits
    • Program updates and consultation to maximize reimbursement
    • 6-year record retention

    Services are provided on a contracted basis.

    For more information about the AIU Access Progam, contact Kara Bonaroti at or 412-394-4527.