• In light of state-wide school and program closures of physical operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aware that programs and reports may look different than they would under more traditional times.  All reports are still expected to happen, but content and timelines may change.  As we receive information about federal expectations, we will share information with grantees about reporting and evaluation expectations.

    If you are operating virtually, please be sure that you/your staff are using a consistent and reliable method of tracking students attendance to virtual services. 

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  • Summer 21APR deadline: July 13, 2020.  Summer 2019 21APR reporting will reopen September 15 for grantees that were not able to complete it in July or if corrections are needed.

    21APR for "fall" term will open July 14.  It will cover all traditional, in-person operations from the start of the 2019-20 SY through mid-March when schools closed physical operations. Deadline: August 17, 2020.

    Operations spreadsheets, implementation survey, and "spring term" (remote learning) 21APR are due August 31, 2020.

    Grantees should refer to the Grantee Annual Reports Summary for forms, links, and more information.

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21st Century Annual Reporting

  • Please take note of the following reporting considerations!

    **Grantees need to make arrangements to complete required reports that are due after their grants end.  Sometimes these reports may not be due for several months to a year after the grant ends.  For example, for a grant that ends on September 30th and where programming ocurred in the prior summer or September, the required reports may not be due until the following fall.**

    Grantees are responsible for the content and accuracy of their reports.  Be sure to work in collaboration with your centers, staff and/or local evaluator to ensure that you are using and reporting consistent information.

    Expenditure Reports follow the fiscal/contract year for your grant.

    Quarterly Performance Reports (QPR)*, annual summative reports (state and federal), and your annual local evaluation report follow the federal program year.  For the summer/fall 2020 reporting round this includes summer 2019 and school year 2019-20.  This means your reports will span more than one contract year.  

    If you have questions about how to report, please contact the 21st CCLC Evaluation Team.  

    *The new QPR timeline goes into effect for Summer 2019/School Year 2019-20 programs.

    Annual Summative Reports

    The Grantee Annual Reports Summary provides the details and links for federal, state, and local reporting.

    To assist grantees in reviewing the evaluation process and ensuring reporting accuracy, the state evaluation team created the grantee evaluation and reporting checkpoints and Local Evaluation Report Checklist


    Quarterly Performance Reports

    Grantees will complete and maintain a single QPR workbook for each program year.  Grantees will complete the QPR in addition to the federal, state, and local summative reports completed due each fall.  QPRs are typically due 15 days after the close of each calendar quarter.

    You must download and save the QPR form to your local computer or network drive to complete the report.  Please use the following filename structure when you submit your QPR workbook to CSC: GranteeName_C#_QPR_Year_Qtr - NOTE that Excel will automatically place the .xlsx file extension behind your file name.  

    Grantees should submit their Quarterly Performance Reports via email, along with applicable attachments, to  

    NOTE:  In summer 2019 the coverage of the QPR was changed for all cohorts to follow the federal program year of summer and the following school year.  All grantees should use the new form for reporting their summer 2019 and school year 2019-20 programs.  Grantees will no longer use the QPR workbooks that included school year 2018-19.

    All Cohorts QPR form for Summer 2019 and School Year 2019-20 [MS Excel]

    Deadlines (may be subject to change):

    • Summer 2019 QPR is due September 16, 2019
    • SY Term 1 QPR is due December 16, 2019
    • SY Term 2 QPR is due March 16, 2020
    • SY Term 3 QPR is due July 15, 2020


    Grantees and local evaluators may contact Leslie McConnell, 412-394-5821.