Special Education Support Programs

  • Learning life skills Autistic Support - Center-Based

    Provides specially designed instruction to students who need a program that is highly structured with a special emphasis on behavior modification. The program focuses on a strong speech and language component, which encourages the development of independence and self-sufficiency in the areas of community-based instruction, functional academics, vocational, leisure, life skills and social skills.

    Emotional Support - Center-Based

    Provides a structured, behaviorally enhanced approach to students who demonstrate a pattern of maladaptive behaviors that may include poor attendance, aggression toward others, withdrawal, poor peer/adult relationships and court involvement. The primary goal of the program is to teach students the behaviors necessary to return to their home school program and to function within acceptable behavioral norms of the community.

    Learning Support - Center-Based

    The Learning Support program provides specially-designed instruction to students that have either (1) significantly impaired adaptive behavior in learning, maturation or social adjustment or (2) a significant disparity between educational expectancy and one or more of the following: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skill, reading comprehension, mathematics calculation and mathematics reasoning.

    Life Skills Support - Center-Based

    This program provides specially-designed instruction to students whose identified need is that of independent living. These needs are in the areas of self-care, social adequacy, language development, perceptual motor and work skills.

    Multi-Disability Support - Center-Based

    Multi-disabilities support services provide specially-designed instruction to students who have two or more disabilities of equal severity and whose program needs are communication, activities of daily living, personal skills and social skills.

    Physical Support - Center-Based

    This program provides specially-designed instruction to students whose physical/mental disabilities are of such severity that program modification is needed to meet these physical and cognitive deficiencies.