What is Waterfront Learning?

  • What is Waterfront Learning?

    Waterfront Learning is a flexible virtual education program specifically designed for school districts. Waterfront Learning enables school administrators to take advantage of hybrid technology and still provide a flexible, rigorous education in a cost-effective manner. 

    When it comes to online learning, each district has its own unique set of needs and goals. Waterfront Learning, a service of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, has developed a menu of flexible options that incorporate high-quality courses, instruction and professional development at reasonable prices. Download the brochure for more information.

    Please visit our website www.waterfrontlearning.com or contact us WFLHelp@aiu3.net or 412-394-4996.

  • Comprehensive K-12 Virtual Options

    Complete Bundle, Full-Time

    Under the complete bundle, full-time pricing option, districts can select their own package for a student in need of an all-inclusive, online learning experience. A full-time course load, highly qualified teachers, and all the support services available from Waterfront Learning are included.

    Single Course Option

    Individual courses can be purchased to supplement curriculum, allow for enrichment opportunities, offer credit recovery, or prepare for high-stakes testing. All support services and instruction are included.

    Content Only Purchasing

    Given the flexibility of concurrent and site licensing, districts can explore online learning options in a variety of ways. The purchase of the concurrent or site license allows students access to all course content offered through the vendor, assessment tools, electives, World Languages, and Advanced Placement. This option provides flexibility for district staff to facilitate the course content delivery, pacing, and assessment. The number or type of licenses purchased equals the number of students that can be logged in at any given time. Professional development provided through Waterfront Learning is required with this option.

    Hybrid Learning Instructional Design

    The Hybrid Learning Instructional Design service will align district hybrid learning goals, problem solve through existing obstacles, create the vision, and plan the strategy focusing on the personalized pathway for K-12 learners. District leadership can begin to plan for staff, technology, curriculum, professional development, space allocation, and more. Investing in pre-planning will ensure a smooth hybrid program implementation.