• The 2018-2019 AIU Apprenticeships have been updated and the site is now accepting applications.  Apprenticeships are for students in grades 9-12 and the programs are held during the school year and during the school day.   The AIU monitors attendance.  Please see the website for program descriptions. 

    Please note that some programs may change slightly and some programs may be added at a later date.  Dates will be added as we get them.

    Please remind students of the following:

    • All accounts from last year have been deleted.  Students will need to activate a new account.  Duplicate accounts will be deleted.
    • After they submit their information for a new account it may take a few days to activate it.  Accounts will not be activated over the weekend so they will need to keep that in mind if they plan to create an account and work on their application.
    • Completed accounts include:
      • Online essays completed, application is submitted
      • Teacher recommendation (this must be done online)
    • Signed signature page and application fee mailed to the AIU (This is what alerts us to their application.  If we do not receive this we do not know that they have applied.)

    If a student would like to take 2 Apprenticeships they will need to submit 2 application fees.

    For more information or questions, please contact:

    Amy Davis

    AIU Apprenticeship Program Logo