Act 48 Workshops

  • Allegheny Intermediate Unit hosts Act 48 workshops that range from one to six hours in duration, Monday through Friday, at their central office location during normal business hours.
    Act 48 hours are automatically reported to the PA Department of Education for each educator in attendance*.

    *NOTE: As of July 1, 2021, the fee for submitting Act 48 hours to the PA Department of Education is $7.00 per educator, per workshop or event. 

    Educators can view our Act 48 workshop catalog and register online

    For more information about registering for Act 48 workshops, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions guide.

    Need Act 48 hours reported to PDE for professional development completed outside AIU?

    Allegheny Intermediate Unit may report Act 48 hours for educators who have completed professional development workshops or events facilitated by external organizations. 
    To request a review of a professional development workshop for Act 48 hours submission, please follow these instructions:

    • Complete the ACT 48 approval form
    • Download and save the completed form
    • Email it to 
    • Use the secure, online payment button below to submit the $7.00 Act 48 processing fee payment

    Act 48 workshop request forms will be reviewed within one week after receipt and if approved, your Act 48 hours will be reported to the PA Department of Education.
    AIU staff will notify you by email if your request has been denied.

    For more information about our Act 48 workshops or reporting Act 48 hours, contact:
    Denise Pilarski, Sr. Administrative Assistant