Assistive Technology

  • Technical assistance that directly impacts children with disabilities in the selection, acquisition or use of any assistive technology device is available to district personnel. Services include consulting with student teams to consider potential assistive technology needs; providing information needed for the trial or acquisition of assistive technology devices; assisting teams in the selection, design, fitting, customization, adaptation, application, retention, repair or replacement of devices; aiding teams in the integration of assistive technology into instruction and coordinated therapies; and providing training and technical assistance.

    This service is subsidized by IDEA Component II Funds.

    The Allegheny Intermediate Unit Assistive Technology Process

    In some cases, teams may find that they have sufficient local capacity to address assistive technology needs, while in other situations a full consultation is required to explore assistive technology options.

    Contact AIU Assistive Technology Training and Consultation Coordinators:

    Kristen Tachoir

    Kendra Bittner

    Scott Dougherty

    You can find our training opportunities held at the AIU on the Training and Consultation (TaC) Calendar and
    listed in the Act 48 Workshops.