RAC - Administrators & Specialists

  • Join administrators and reading specialists from throughout the region for these professional development opportunities:

Administrators & Specialists

  • Science of Reading for Administrators - New PDE PIL RAC Course

    This course is designed to provide administrators with in-depth knowledge and skills to support teachers with effective, evidence-based instruction aligned to principles of Science of Reading using a structured literacy approach. Participants will learn the big ideas of reading instruction and how to use tools in classroom observations to discover strengths and gaps in instruction at the classroom and school/district levels. Administrators will also analyze structures in place that support keeping an eye on student growth and achievement, reflect upon effectiveness observed, and problem solve next steps to enhance teaching and learning. Class meets virtually.

    Cost: $300 per person

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 6, November 3, January 12, February 9, March 8, April 5

    Registration:  https://bit.ly/3ot7JeI 

    Contact Lisa Yonek if you have any questions.

    RAC Reading Specialists’ Network

    Join the RAC Reading Specialists' Network for an opportunity to connect with other reading specialists in Allegheny County. Each online session will feature research-based best practices and strategies that specialists need in order to be effective in their role as they work with students, teachers, and parents in all three tiers of literacy. The network is open to Reading Specialists who have participated in past networks as well as new participants.

    Cost: Free

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: September 29, November 17, February 2, April 12

    Registration:  https://bit.ly/3MPUDCx

    Instructional Coaches’ Network

    Network Series Length: 9 sessions

    Join a network of fellow instructional coaches for monthly professional learning workshops provided by Heather Moschetta, Instructional Coach Mentor for the PA Coach-Mentor Collaborative. Sessions will feature professional learning specific to the needs of instructional coaches, on topics determined by the network group and supported by PDE initiatives. The network is open to all coaches in the AIU, including literacy coaches, math coaches, technology coaches and instructional coaches. Contact Heather for information on how to join.

    Cost: Free

    2023-24 Meeting Dates:

            • September 13
            • October 11
            • November 16
            • December 13
            • January 24
            • February 22
            • March 19
            • April 18
            • May 9


    See Structured Literacy page for additional professional development opportunities for administrators and specialists.

Reading Achievement Center Resources

  • The RAC room has limited samples of effective commercial programs and other educator resources to supplement and enhance classroom instruction and out-of-school learning. Reading Achievement Center staff are available to assist districts in reviewing curricular and instructional materials.