• The following offerings will help students become college and career ready:

High School

  • Adolescent Literacy Institute – Middle and High School English & Reading Teachers

    Specifically aligned with brain research on how adolescents learn, this workshop series engages participants in the research behind and modeling of effective reading and writing instruction for the secondary grades.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 19, November 30, January 31, March 7

    Price: $600 per person

    Register for in-person coursehttps://bit.ly/3A4hGlp

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/41qlUj8

    Word Wizards – ELA Grades 3-12

    Build your students into word wizards! This series presents teachers in grades 3-12 with research and practical strategies to strengthen students' word knowledge, through both indirect vocabulary exposure and direct vocabulary instruction.

    2023-24 Meeting Dates: October 25, December 14, February 13

    Price: $450 per person

    Register for in-person course: https://bit.ly/3onauOI

    Register for asynchronous online course: https://bit.ly/3GPd6LG



    See Structured Literacy page for additional professional development opportunities for high school educators.