Structured Literacy Professional Development

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  • Beginning Summer 2023

    The AIU's Reading Achievement Center presents relevant professional development that meets Chapter 49 structured literacy requirements and is tailored to meet the literacy needs of different certificate holders' classrooms.


    Chapter 49 required areas of training:

    1. Evidence-based intervention practices on structured literacy

    2. Explicit and systematic instruction in phonological and phonemic awareness

    3. A) Alphabetic principle, decoding and encoding; B) Fluency and vocabulary

    4. Reading comprehension and building content knowledge


  • Administrators

    Areas emphasized:
    All, with specific focus on what administrators should look for in classrooms

    Dates offered: 

  • Go Deeper with Additional Support

    • Contract with RAC to design a customized professional development plan that includes onsite technical support in your classrooms for teachers and administrators.  

    • Enroll in RAC K-3 Reading Apprenticeship for 2023-24. The 12-session series is aligned to the competencies of structured literacy (SL) and rooted in Science of Reading. Registration is now open.

    • Enroll in LETRS 3rd Edition for the 2023-24 school year. Teachers must complete Volumes 1 and 2 to fulfill requirements. LETRS is facilitated by AIU TAC and RAC team members.