Autism Support

  • Training and technical assistance is available to share research and effective practices in the delivery of services for students with autism spectrum disorder.  This service is subsidized by IDEA Component II Funds.

    What is Autism?

    Autism is a neurological disorder that is typically diagnosed by the age of three, with symptoms that involve three major areas of development, and impact a child's abilities to:

    • Engage in reciprocal social interaction
    • Communicate with others in meaningful ways; and
    • Participate in a range of activities and behaviors typical of the child's age and stage of development

    One of the hallmarks of autism is that the characteristics vary significantly across different children and adults with autism, representing a broad spectrum. No two children with autism will present in exactly the same way and levels of difficulty range from relatively mild to more severe. With targeted intervention, individuals with autism can make significant progress. 

    AIU Autism Services:

    • Autism Team Training Series: This  training builds skills for a school-based team to implement specific, targeted instructional strategies. Onsite follow up is provided. 
    • Supporting Students with Autism annual training: Training on best practices for programming.
    • Social Skills Training: Training targeting and teaching necessary social skills
    • Consultation: Training and consultation coordinators are available to provide support based on individual school team needs. 

    Contact AIU Autism Training and Consultation Coordinator:

    Amanda Zimmer

    You can find our training opportunities held at the AIU on the Training and Consultation (TaC) CalendarTaC Professional Development Offerings 2021-2022s and listed in the Act 48 Workshops.