Autism Support

  • Training and technical assistance is available to share research and effective practices in the delivery of services for students with autism spectrum disorder.

    These services are subsidized by IDEA Component II Funds.

    What is Autism?

    • Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that affects how individuals experience the world around them. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that each person has different strengths and support needs. 

    • Autistic individuals span across gender, race, religion, and socio-economic groups. While each person is unique, some areas of commonality may impact learners. These include differences in communication, thinking, sensory processing, socialization, movement, and daily living skills. 


    The different color wedges, labeled “language,” “motor skills,” “executive functioning,” “perception,” and “sensory,” are all autism traits, and how dark/far out on the continuum you are indicates how intensely those traits manifest. Depending on where they fall on each continuum, one autistic person can look very different from another.

    Image Credit: Image shared by the I CAN Network, based on art by autistic artist Rebecca Burgess and autistic university student Lucy Wallace. 

AIU Autism Services

  • Classroom & Individual Student Consultation

  • Customized Training & Systems Level Support

  • Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment & Placement Program (VB-MAPP) Training & Support

  • Areas of Training