• Create a plan for shifts in science teaching and learning

    During this second phase, science leaders embark on the planning process for the strategic implementation of phenomenon-based, three-dimensional science instruction in their school or district that is aligned with the K-12 science standards in the PA STEELS standards.

    The following opportunities will be offered in the 2022-2023 school year, summer of 2023, 2023-24 school year, and the summer of 2024. Please note that some following offerings have important prerequisites for participation:

    Science Leadership Group

    Join other science leaders from Allegheny County school districts every other month to collaboratively learn and grow around science instructional leadership. Open to any science leader, the AIU's Math & Science Collaborative encourages school districts to have at least one representative participate in the group.

    New Members: A Framework for K-12 Science (NRC, 2012) Hybrid Book Study 

    New members of the Science Leadership Group are encouraged to enroll in the Framework for K-12 Science Education book study. Open to science leaders who have participated in at least one of the opportunities in Phase 1: Make the Case. This opportunity will be offered in a hybrid setting for the 2023-24 school year.

    Price: Free to all AIU educators

    Audience: Any AIU3 explicit or implicit science leader who has previously attended at least one phenomenon-based, three-dimensional science professional learning offering from Phase 1: Make the Case (e.g., science institute in 2022-23 school year or summer 2023; Digging into 3-D science-the Everest immersion; Administrator-specific science professional learning-PLANS)

    2023-24 Meeting Dates

    Full days at the AIU: 10/5/23 and 3/5/24

    Half days on Zoom: 11/2/23, 1/19/24, 2/1/24

    New Member Registration 

    Science Leadership Group Continuing Participants

    The AIU Science Leadership Group will continue the work we began together in 2022-23 when we engaged in the Framework for K-12 Science Book Study. Extend the collaborative work we’ve begun as learners, leaders and colleagues!

    Price: Free to all AIU educators

    Audience: Science leaders/educators who participated in the Framework Book Study during the 2022-23 school year

    2023-24 Meeting Dates

    Full days at the AIU: 10/27/23, 12/11/23, 2/14/24, 4/11/24 


    Planning for Professional Learning around Science Standards: Strategically Building Capacity for Sustained Practice

    Designed for a small team of three to six individuals from each school district, this is a two-day training opportunity to plan for science professional learning in your district. This training is free to the first 20 registrants.

    Price: $1200 per district team of three to six participants

    Audience: A district team of three to six science leaders including at least one administrator.  See Important Prerequisites above.

    Important Prerequisites: At least one administrator on your team must have already attended the administrator-specific science leadership experience in Phase 1: Make the Case, and all other team members must have already attended at least one science institute or science immersion experience in the initial phase. 

    Fall Meeting Dates 2023: November 6-7

    Register for Fall Session


    Advanced Science Institutes

    Delve more deeply into phenomenon-based, 3-D science teaching and learning by enrolling in a new science-focused institute to build on your learning from Phase 1: Make the Case Open to any science educator who previously participated in any of the Math & Science Collaborative's introductory science institutes: K-2 STEM, Grades 3-5 Science, Life Sciences for Secondary Educators, and/or Physical Sciences for Secondary Educators. This new institute will include assessment and pedagogical practices in the science classroom and will begin in January 2024. Registration information will be made available later this fall.