RAC - Primary School

  • Just for primary teachers, these courses help educators build the foundation for lifelong literacy.

    Comprehension, Close Reading, and Complex Text: Laying the Foundation K-2

    $450 per participant, K-2 teachers

    Series Length: 4 modules

    Delivery Mode:

    Option 1: Face-to-face – Four in-person sessions at the AIU on scheduled dates listed below.

    Option 2: Fully online, asynchronous – Work at your own pace through four online course modules, with a new module opening on the first day of January, February, March, and April.

    Transitioning students to the demands of the PA Core Standards is not a job just for teachers in the tested grades! This four-module series will support teachers in the primary grades in aligning their instructional practices to the PA Core. Participants will engage with teaching informational text, text dependent questions, close reading, scaffolding instruction using complex text, annotating text, designing rigorous tasks, and incorporating academic vocabulary into students’ vocabularies, specifically focusing on how to implement these concepts into everyday practice.

    • All materials are included
    • Administrators may accompany their registered participants to any or all sessions at no cost

    2021-22 Meeting Dates:  January 12, February 15, March 16, April 20

    Face-to-Face Registration is Open:  https://bit.ly/3uV0Lh4

      Online Registration: Coming Soon!

    The K-3 Reading Apprenticeship Model

    Option 1: $3,800 per participant (includes 1-on-1 support)

    Option 2: $2,800 per participant (no 1-on-1 support)  

    Series Length: 12 modules

    Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face - Twelve in-person sessions at teh AIU on scheduled dates listed below

    • Twelve sessions of intensive, comprehensive training in reading pedagogy, theory, research, and proven instructional practices focused on the five areas of reading and writing, including strategies to support remote learning in a virtual setting
    • Monthly sessions build depth and breadth of professional knowledge and application through collaborative learning, discussions, modeling and individual reflection
    • This series supports primary teachers with helping students reach grade level benchmarks and proficiency while highlighting how to reach all learners through the use of assessments and data to drive instruction. 
    • All materials (including student materials and professional resources) included: professional books, word building pocket chart, student/teacher letter cards, and a customized RAC classroom kit to support teachers with multi-sensory teaching in the five areas of reading
    • Option 1 only: individualized data-driven planning and coaching to support teachers with meaningful implementation of content and strategies from sessions; virtual informal observations with feedback
    • Administrators may accompany their registered participants to any or all sessions at no cost

    2021-22 Meeting Dates: September 29, 30; October 20, 21;  November 16, 17; December 15; January 11; February 9; March 10; April 6; May 5 

    Registration is Open: https://bit.ly/3weRpgh