Project SEEKS SES holds virtual community of practice around Cornell's wellness efforts

Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 1/17/2024

A screenshot of attendees during the virtual community of practice meeting

On January 17, the AIU and Project SEEKS SES held its sixth virtual community of practice meeting. The meeting revolved around the Cornell School District's wellness spaces, and additional mental support it was able to add through Project SEEKS SES support.

Each community of practice meeting focuses on a shared topic of interest between school district, higher education and community partners. Each meeting is led by the Project SEEKS SES coordinator, Shannon Fagan, in conjunction with a school district/university partner and subject-matter expert. 

Through Project SEEKS SES support, the Cornell School District was able to hire a behavioral health specialist and behavioral health technician from Wesley Family Services and convert two spaces into wellness rooms.

Superintendent Dr. Aaron Thomas presented and gave his perspective during the meeting.

For video of the community of practice meeting, click here.