Chatham University to hold Social, Emotional, and Wellness (SEW) Talks

Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 11/14/2023

With support from Project SEEKS SES funds, Chatham University will be holding Social, Emotional, and Wellness (SEW) Talks throughout the months of December through May.

Topics for the meetings include "Creating Space for Healing: An Open Dialogue for Educators on Trauma in the Classroom", "Elevating Educator Self Care", "From Trauma to Triumph: A Survivor's Journey of Healing and Educator's Role in Recovery", "Culturally Responsive Social and Emotional Learning", "Restorative Behavior/Discipline for Student Emotional and Social Well Being", "Practical Tips for Implementing Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom" and "Nurturing Strength and Resiliency: Empowering Educators for Sustainable Well-being". 

To register for any of these events, click here. To view a flyer containing full information, click here. Beyond valuable learning and discussion, participants in each meeting will earn a $25 gift card.