The University of Pittsburgh holds "Power of Hope" workshop

Posted by Jeremy Tepper on 10/30/2023

With the help of Project SEEKS SES funds, the University of Pittsburgh was able to hold a workshop entitled "Leading the Way Forward Through the Power of Hope" on October 26.

The event — which was headed by guest speaker Jamie Meade, the vice president of Battelle for Kids —was attended by nearly 70 people, most of whom are administrators or teachers in Allegheny County school districts.

Meade — who brings over 35 years of education experience — is committed to supporting school systems in redesigning education systems and innovative learning experiences in response to the unique needs of today’s learners. In her role at Battelle for Kids, Jamie leads the execution of the organization’s strategic plan to collaborate with school systems and communities to realize the power and promise of 21st century deeper learning.

Throughout the event, Meade explored the evolving science of hope and how it’s connected to a sense of belonging in classrooms, school and communities.