Specialized Services

  • Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) Evaluation Team

    Auditory processing is the ability to accurately recognize and interpret the spoken word or auditory signal and demonstrate comprehension by providing an appropriate and timely response. Students with (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) have difficulty listening to or comprehending auditory information even though they have normal hearing acuity. These students do not efficiently process auditory information being given and find it difficult to “pay attention” to speech that is being delivered in poor acoustical environments, is being distorted or is reduced in clarity.  For more information, email Eileen Cirelli.


    At the request of school district administrators, consultation by supervisors can be provided to Speech and Language Pathologists for a variety of needs including caseload, therapy, eligibility and dismissal guidelines along with special and/or unique Speech and Language problems. For more information, email Thomas Rea

    Diagnostic Services

    Speech and Language Diagnosticians are available to provide assessments for students with Speech and Language Impairments when an evaluation independent of the school district is requested. The diagnosticians can also be requested by school districts to offer second opinions on difficult cases. For more information, email Thomas Rea

    Feeding and Swallowing Consultation Team

    When children are unable to eat due to physical or behavioral conditions, serious health problems can result. The Feeding and Swallowing Consultation Team can provide trainings, treatment and consultative services for students K-21 years of age throughout Allegheny County. Our team provides a collaborative approach to the identification and treatment of feeding and swallowing issues that may present themselves within the educational setting. For further information, please email Thomas Rea

    Equitable Participation Consultation

    Each school year Speech and Language consultation services are available through Equitable Participation for children enrolled in non-public schools. The number of children identified as being in need of special education services who have been unilaterally placed in private/parochial schools by their parents is determined each year. Based on that count, a sum of money is generated for services to the private/parochial schools. As determined by a team of non-public school administrators at the beginning of the school year, consultation in Speech and Language is available.  For additional information, please email Alicia Chico

    For clinical questions specific to Speech/Language support, please email Eileen Cirelli

    Professional Development

    The Speech and Language Support Program is an approved continuing education provider of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Participants can also receive Act 48 hours to maintain PDE certification. In-service opportunities are provided approximately once per month on Friday afternoons on various Speech and Language related topics. For more information, email Tina Krantz

    Professional Development can also be provided to school district Speech and Language Pathologists when requested by school district administration. Supervisors, along with AIU staff, will prepare and present on topics customized to the needs of the district SLPs. For more information, email Thomas Rea

    Speech and Language Classroom: Primary Expressions

    The AIU Speech and Language Program provides two full-time K-1 Speech and Language classrooms embedded within two district-based elementary schools: Hoover Elementary in Mt. Lebanon and J.S. Brooks Elementary in Moon. The classrooms are taught by certified Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) who are also designated as being highly qualified in elementary education. Two of the hallmarks of the program are the small class size of 8 students and the intense speech and language emergence that each child receives. The small class size allows the teacher to determine each student’s learning style while utilizing the regular education curriculum. The kindergarten and first grade students are integrated into regular education classrooms for homeroom, specials and various academic areas with the instruction being adapted to meet each individual student’s needs. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and assistive technology are also available on an as-needed basis. For more information, email Eileen Cirelli

    Student Teaching Opportunities

    The Speech and Language Support Program is committed to providing educational opportunities for university graduate students who are studying to become Speech and Language Pathologists. The Speech and Language Program provides school age externships throughout Allegheny County within public schools, non-public schools, special centers and full-time Speech and Language classrooms. For more information, email Thomas Rea.  

    Clinical Fellowship Supervision

    Supervision is available to districts who have Speech and Language Pathologists seeking the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). Nine months of four hours per month of direct speech supervision is required for a total of 36 hours. For more information, email Eileen Cirelli