About Us | Mon Valley School 2021

  • Mon Valley Fast Facts

    Teacher reading to student

    Want to know more about our special education school? We've got you covered. From our excellent staff-to-student ratio to the numerous programs and services available to our students with special needs, Mon Valley School has so much to offer. Get a snapshot of our educational offerings below. For more information and to contact us, visit the Mon Valley main page

  • Dedicated Programs


    • Emotional Support
    • Autistic Support
    • Life Skills
    • Physical Support


    • Auto Tech
    • Food Service
    • Material Handling
    • Building and Grounds
    • IPM
    • Computer Science
    • Nursing Aide
  • Numerous Specials and Amenities

    • STEAM
    • Physical Education
    • Health 
    • Music
    • Art
    • Home Economics
    • Indoor/Outdoor Sensory Areas
    • Positive Behavior Support Lab
    • Media Center

  • Principal's Message

    It is amazing to think that we are at the end of the school year. Thank you all for the support and enthusiasm you have shown these past 12 months.

    Truly the end of the last school year and entirety of this school year have been a whirlwind.Dowell

    We want to thank you for your kindness, grace, and cooperation as our faculty and staff members worked to provide quality learning experiences for our students and to support their efforts to learn across a variety of environments: online, in person and hybrid.

    We have been amazed by the flexibility, tenacity and creativity our students have shown as they navigated the constantly changing ways of accessing their education. They are resilient and we know that they will come through this difficult time having learned important lessons about themselves.

    We hope your summer is safe and restful. Children need a variety of experiences and conversations from the adults in their lives to grow and flourish. Go to the park, the library, a fishing hole, or just a walk around the neighborhood. Talk and read together. All these things will help your child be ready for the next year of school.

    We are looking forward to congratulating our graduates as they embark on the next stage of their life in June

    Dr. Richard Dowell