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    CLICK HERE for more information and to register to attend our first-ever "Making Made Special" showcase event on Friday, May 17! The event will highlight technological projects created by students with severe cognitive and emotional disabilites. We will also lead a discussion panel providing hacks and tips for bringing STEAM and computer science education to all students. 


  • We believe that all students deserve access to the best possible education. At Mon Valley, we have pushed for and developed a culture of STEAM initiatives for all of our special education students. We know that students with cognitive disabilities can excel when given the opportunity. Our mission is to give them that chance.

    This groundbreaking program has given countless students opportunities that did not exist previously and recently was featured in the Tribune-Review.

    Whether it’s younger students going unplugged and participating in looping exercises, or our older students coding a school-wide dance party, we have seen firsthand the incredible impact STEAM learning has had on our students -- and where it will take them next.

    Thanks to our renowned educators who are leaders in their field, our initiatives have helped students: 

    • Take the reins of their own learning 
    • Unlock their curiosity and innate desire to learn
    • Build confidence in their abilities
    • Collaborate with their peers
    • Cultivate and develop career skills
    • Boost their communication skills
A student codes on his laptop during class.
Mon Valley teachers participate in the Hour of Code.