• The Pathfinder School's PRIDE Program is designed to propel 18 to 21 year-old students with mild to moderate needs into their transition to life after school. 

    The full-time PRIDE Program provides an intense training experience through real world opportunities in the community and activities within Pathfinder School.

    What is PRIDE? Pride is an acronym that spells out the numerous skills and concepts instilled in our students.

    • Personal maintainence. We believe that good hygiene and grooming fosters self esteem. Social interactions and success in the workplace begin with taking care of yourself.
    • Recreation and leisure opportunities. Productive recreation and leisure activities are the key to a balanced lifestyle.
    • Independence in the community. We practice and review the numerous ways to get from Point A to Point B, including public transportation and street-crossing skills.
    • Domestic living skills. This includes meal planning and preparation, budgeting money, household maintenance, laundry, personal safety and emergency responses.
    • Employment and training opportunities. We want our students to obtain and maintain employment. To do so, we teach skills in job seeking, interviewing and in a chosen field.

    The PRIDE Program utilizes numerous professional personnel, including: 

    • Special education teachers
    • Transition consultants
    • Travel trainers
    • Job coaches
    • Select vocational teachers at The Pathfinder School

    The progress of each individual student is evaluated throughout the program and curriculum adjustments are made accordingly. Students are assessed quarterly in three areas of transition:

    • Post-secondary education
    • Employment
    • Independent living

    Student also are assessed on work attitudes, behavior, specific occupational skills, work adjustment capability, job skills, travel and employment readiness.

    Enrollment is limited to six students. For more information, please contact Nick Fratto at nick.fratto@aiu3.net or 412-833-2777.


  • A PRIDE student works on a bicycle.

    A PRIDE student pours coffee.

    A PRIDE student interviews for a job.

    PRIDE students embrace at graduation.