Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support Program

  • The Deaf or Hard of Hearing Support Program provides instruction to students with hearing loss. Instruction focuses on developing skills in:

    • Literacy
    • Listening and spoken communication
    • Sign language communication
    • Self-determination and advocacy
    • Use of assistive technology
    • Career readiness
    • Academic success

    Educational audiologists are members of the school multidisciplinary team who facilitate listening, learning and communication access via specialized assessments such as:

    • Monitoring personal hearing instruments
    • Recommending, fitting and managing hearing assistance technology
    • Providing and recommending support services and resources
    • Advocating on behalf of the students

    Other Services

    The AIU Deaf/Hard of Hearing Support Program offers a variety of specialized services to schools. 

    • Sign Language Interpreter. This service is part of the school day and extracurricular activities. Interpreters also work with families who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing for school meetings or events.
    • Oral Transliterating. The interpreter uses speech-readable English with natural gestures, facial expressions and rephrasing. The Transliterator will use a “voice over” technique if a student’s speech is unclear.
    • Communication Support Specialist. A Communication Support Specialist (CSS) will use speech, sign language, and communication devices to work with a student. The CSS may use Simultaneous Communication (speaking and signing) to encourage language learning.
    • Captioning. A captionist provides typed, real-time, access for students in the classroom. The student receives an electronic copy of the captions for later study.

    Request for Services

    School districts may make a student referral to our Deaf/hard of Hearing Support Program or request an Interpreter or Captioner for a one-time event.

    For more information please contact us at 412-394-4538 or email Jeanine Esch.