Specialized Transition Services

  • Transition Services County-Wide  Learning employable skills.

    The AIU provides help with transition activities to the 42 school districts in our area. Information provided at Special Education Liaison meetings. Consultation also is provided at the district level. This information may include state mandated training, state-wide initiatives, community presentations and consultation.

    Transition Consultants

    The AIU's transition consultants provide coordinated transition services for youth with disabilities. The goal is to assist them in reaching their goals for independence. All AIU transition consultants are dual-certified in Special Education and Cooperative Education. Services may include:

    • Liaison with various educational institutions, community colleges and technical schools
    • Coordination of functional vocational assessments as necessary
    • Attendance at IEP meetings, when necessary
    • Collaboration with teachers on IEP development
    • Coordination with career development coordinators on job placements
    • Development of student portfolios
    • Provide assessment information
    • Assess student skills, preferences and interests
    • Provide cooperative education services as identified by IEP
    • Supervise students with potential career exploration experiences
    • Develop training plans/agreements
    • Ensure compliance with federal/state child labor/wage laws
    • Communicate with school, students, parents and employers
    • Maintain an employment file of records for students in cooperative education experience
    • Supervise job coaches, as needed
    • Provide quarterly evaluations to districts, students and parents

    These services are included for all students who attend AIU-operated programs. Contracted services are available for students in district-operated classrooms.

    For further information email Brian Welles or call 412-394-5732.

    Work-Based Learning Coordinator (WBLC)

    A WBLC works with students under the guidance of the transition coordinator or a transition consultantThey use an approach which helps the students learn the skills required for employment. A student must have a job to use job coaching services. A detailed job coach fade plan should be in place before the experience begins.

    WBLC Responsibilities:

    • Meets the student before going to the job site to become familiar with the student’s IEP goals and plans
    • Learn about the specific job requirements and duties at the work site
    • Work with the student in a supportive role at the work site
    • Reinforce IEP goals, behavior plans, work agreements and plans as needed at the work site
    • Provide weekly written summaries of activities related to the individual student
    • Increase student independence at the job site
    • Develop strategies and accommodations to support student independence
    • Communicate with the employer weekly
    • Report concerns and problems to the Transition Consultant
    • Progress Monitor as scheduled by the IEP team

    For further information email Brian Welles or call 412-394-5732.