Student Life | Sunrise School

  • Our mission is to provide an enriching, challenging and inviting environment to all of our special education students.

    We facilitate the growth of productive citizens by instilling in our students the necessary skills to transition from the classroom to the community. 

    Our student body mostly consists of special education students from the eastern portion of Allegheny County.

    Our single-level building enhances accessibility and helps us better serve a wide variety of 5- to 21-year old students with special needs. Our school offers numerous specialized classrooms, such as:

    • Learning support
    • Life skills support
    • Multi-disabilities support
    • Autistic support
    • Vocational program


    From our morning announcements until the final bell rings, our programs meet our students’ individual special needs and inspires confidence.

    We offer numerous transitional and vocational learning opportunities, such as:

    • Career development
    • Work center
    • Food service
    • Buildings and grounds maintenance
    • In-school work exploration
    • Job site training

    Every student balances classroom instruction with special area programs, including:

    • Physical education
    • Art
    • Home economics
    • Music
  • Science fair project