Psychological Testing and Counseling Services

  • In an effort to meet the testing and counseling needs of local school districts, the AIU employs eight full-time psychologists, fourteen part-time psychologists and one intern psychologist to deliver services.  All AIU school psychologists have at minimum a master's degree and are certified in Pennsylvania.


    The AIU Psychologists can conduct assessments for the following:

    • Gifted eligibility
    • Low incidents disabilities
    • Pre-school assessments
    • Risk assessments for students who pose a threat to themselves or to others
    • Special education eligibility
    • Specialized evaluations for students involved in weapons violations
    • Transition evaluations


    The AIU's school psychologists can provide individual and group counseling services for students who are identified by the school team.

    In order to refer a child for psychological testing, please download the Psychological Testing/Social Worker Services Request Form and enter the information requested.  Once completed, the form can be sent as an e-mail attachment to or as a fax to 412-394-4978, attention Mrs. Callas.

    *Please note that school districts are only to use this form for evaluations for FAPE.  This form is not to be used for Equitable Participation (EP) Evaluations.  Requests for EP evaluations can only be submitted to the AIU by the non-public school administrator of the school which the child attends.

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