Early Childhood Education

  • Our early childhood education programs are designed to assist children younger than five years acquire the skills they need for kindergarten.

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  • Infant & Toddler Services

    Early Head Start 

    Early Head Start is a childhood development program for infants, toddlers, pregnant women and their families. 


    Preschool Services

    Preschool Early Intervention

    Early Intervention's purpose is to find and evaluate eligible young children, ages three through five, who have a developmental delay. Recommendation and appropriate early intervention services can then be provided.

    Head Start

    Head Start provides high-quality, comprehensive programming and services to families with preschool children.  These services improve school readiness in home, classroom, and child care settings.

    Pre-K Counts

    Pre-K Counts provides high-quality programming for preschool children in both classroom and child care settings.