• The AIU will be celebrating Employee Appreciation Week from Nov. 13 to 17, to coincide with American Education Week. This is an opportunity for the organization as a whole to celebrate the amazing work being done by all of our employees. Please review the schedule below to learn about some of our initiatives set for the week

    • Nov. 13 — Mindful Monday!
      Take some time out of your busy day and share what you are doing at 3:15 p.m. with a photo. Photos can be submitted to recognition@aiu3.netand will be used in a slideshow that captures the variety of work being done at the AIU. Those who submit a photo will be entered into a raffle to win one of four AIU-branded Yeti tumblers. 
    • Nov. 14 — T-Shirt Tuesday!
      Wear your AIU t-shirt! A “jeans day” is also approved.
    • Nov. 15 — Wellness Wednesday!
      All programs are encouraged to participate in wellness activities that fit their respective schedules and capabilities. This includes both physical and mental well-being. While these activities will differ, please take a moment to celebrate and promote a healthy work environment!
    • Nov. 16 — Thoughtful Thursday! 
      Leave a kind message for a colleague! Note sheets were included in your employee appreciation bag, so employees can easily share a message of praise.  
    • Nov. 17 — Fanatic Friday!
      Show your team spirit by wearing your school or favorite hometown team colors! This will showcase the AIU’s connections to communities throughout the region. Another jeans day is also approved.