The Tide is High for Waterfront Learning


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The AIU Waterfront Learning program has continually helped school districts grow their educational offerings through unique, affordable and customized learning experiences. This year, Waterfront Learning has seen some tremendous growth of its own.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented immense challenges to all school districts. One of the chief concerns is pivoting to or between an online method of instruction that provides a quality learning experience for students.

Enter Waterfront Learning. The in-demand program has welcomed 20 additional districts for the school year. Waterfront Learning is now facilitating 50 partnerships with districts and intermediate units across Pennsylvania to coordinate “Response to Return Plans” unique to each educational entity in order to provide robust virtual learning continuums focused on personalized learning pathways for K-12 learners. By working with Waterfront Learning, these educators and districts have developed rigorous learning content, professional development for staff, technology integration and student technology resource development.

The plans are unique to each district’s needs and adjust to the three levels of phased reopening plans: virtual, hybrid or in-person learning.

Throughout the past 19 years, the reach of Waterfront learning has expanded beyond the 42 school districts served by the AIU. The revolutionary program now extends throughout the state to include additional districts and intermediate units.

“This year is unprecedented,” said Senior Program Director, Jennifer Beagan. “Waterfront Learning has been a dedicated partner in working with the AIU districts and commonwealth districts to facilitate the vision and mission of the AIU by maximizing educational opportunities for all learners with leading-edge, high-quality, cost-effective programs and services.”

From the onset of the pandemic, Waterfront Learning has been at the forefront of the effort to help districts and intermediate units effectively educate their students in new and exciting ways.

During the PAIU Equitable Distance Learning Project, Waterfront Learning served as the point of contact for 10 school districts in providing continuity of education during the initial closure in the spring. These districts were able to provide K-12 students the ability to continue learning through virtual programming to finish out the school year and to provide summer school options through August.

Waterfront Learning also provided extensive learning options and programming for districts that were committed to preventing the summer slide and providing enrichment opportunities for all of their students. There was a grand total of 525 enrollments spread across these three unique programs:

  •     The summer bridge program was a new initiative that helped districts provide options for students in grades K-8 to help bridge learning loss and academic gaps, while helping students to successfully enter into the new school year with mastery of grade-level content.
  •     The enrichment program provided students the ability to successfully complete new grade-level content, allowing the student to pursue a full schedule to complete graduation credit, provide an opportunity for job shadowing and also dual enrollment scheduling options.
  •     The credit recovery program helped students to regain credit lost, bridge the academic gap of missed content, and to start the new school year with credit towards graduation. 

Through its diverse programming and ability to adapt to these unprecedented times in the realm of education, Waterfront Learning has proven to be a leader in K-12 education in our region and beyond. For more information about the program, visit