Apple Crunch Festival Gives Students a Taste of Everything

Posted by Eddie Phillipps on 10/30/2018

A student, left, and teacher mix a bowl of apples that will become applesauce.

Most of us have the opportunity to eat three meals each day. Even the busiest among us needs to grab a bite to eat. But how often do we reflect on what we are eating and where it came from?

Students at Sunrise School got a taste of all the different aspects of apples at the school's annual Apple Crunch Festival on Oct. 24. 

In the morning, the kids peeled, sliced and seasoned locally-grown apples before roasting them into a sauce for an afternoon snack. The mouth-watering scent of fresh apples tossed in cinnamon roamed the hallways as the apples slowly baked into a delicious sauce. 

In between, they learned all about the farming and harvesting of the fruit, as well as its nutritional value in a healthy lifestyle. Apples were the star of other lesson plans as well, like adding up bushels for math class, or discussing the growth process of a seed as a science lesson.

It was a great way to welcome fall and a clever adaptation of lessons that engaged the students throughout the day. In the end, they truly got to enjoy the fruits of their labor with a healthy snack of homemade applesauce! 



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