Fab Lab Visit Sparks Creativity

Posted by Eddie Phillipps on 10/9/2018

The mobile Fab Lab outside Sunrise School.

Students at Sunrise, Mon Valley and Pathfinder schools were immersed in hands-on learning throughout the past month, as the Mobile Fab Lab made its rounds to each school. The Fab Lab spent an entire week at each location where students were introduced to STEAM learning through machinery and software before creating their own unique projects.

A student observes the laser cutter.

The Fab Lab team introduced students to equipment such as a laser cutter, heat press, vinyl cutter and more. 

A student designs a project.

Next, the students learned how to design their project on a computer before producing it on the machinery. 

A student peels back the decal on his towel.

Most of the students elected to create laser-cut rulers with their names on it, or towels emblazoned with their name and school logo. The towels will be perfect to twirl at basketball games this winter to show a little school spirit! 

A student shows off his finished project.

By the end of each week, students had designed and created their very own projects!