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Lessons in Clean Energy

Thank you to CE, Clean Energy Bright Futures, for its generosity to K-8 teachers throughout our region! teachers in circle learning

In conjunction with the AIU’s Math & Science Collaborative and the Arconic Foundation, CE energy experts led a free, two-day workshop for elementary and middle school science teachers earlier this fall focusing on inquiry and engineering related to clean energy, grid modernization and energy literacy.  The workshop was part of a career-connected education program that helps educators bring clean energy science to life for students.  Currently, efficiency is one of the fastest growing job area and the cost of renewable energy sources has dropped.  CE works to address the increasingly urgent workforce gap in the energy sector and ensure that all citizens have the ability to become active participants in the clean energy economy. 

After a brief review of the fundamentals of energy, the session, which was attend by educators from 24 districts throughout the region, focused on power grids, wind energy, batteries, solar circuits and related curricula.  Bonus presentations were given by clean energy experts from Zero Fossil and Duquesne Light.  

In an effort to continue and enhance the understanding of clean energy concepts in the classroom, CE generously donated $15,000 of classroom kits to all participating teachers.  The sets, worth $500 each, contained equipment such as volt meters, energy sensors, temperature probes and solar cell activities packaged in wind, data collection and circuit kits. 

Although the fall workshop was sold out, CE and the Math & Science Collaborative are planning additional professional development sessions in the spring.  For more information, contact the AIU’s Michael Fierle.  Thank you, CE!