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AIU's Head Start Using Real-Time Analytics

In today’s classrooms, accurate data is crucial in determining boy using iPad student progress and achievement. 

Even in the pre-K environment, educators must keep a close eye on their student’s progress to ensure that they are meeting key measures of success.  In the AIU’s Head Start classrooms, teachers have turned to technology for the data they need to drive instruction, specifically the Hatch learning platform.  Hatch is a dynamic game-based learning solution designed to prepare young children for kindergarten.  The platform is designed to collect data and help children learn using research-based interactive games.

Throughout Allegheny County, pre-K educators are using Hatch’s Ignite App to prepare children for kindergarten by collecting real-time outcomes in 170 skill areas and 40 different goals. These are aligned to Head Start’s Gold objectives and include the domains of social studies, science/technology, social-emotional development, language/communication, physical development, mathematics as well as phonological awareness/phonics.

How does it work?  The Hatch app provides a variety of student engagement activities and scenarios which teachers use to collect notes about their students’ progress.   The research-driven adaptive learning platform assesses growth and propels kindergarten readiness.  Teachers can analyze the data to determine when students have mastered skills and whether they are ‘K-ready.”  Additional activities connect the data to group play and instruction.

Hatch also encourages parental involvement through its home connection.  Families are a crucial link in a child’s academic success.  Thanks to the ease of data collection, families receive information about their child’s progress, learning milestones and achievements.  Lindsay Lipscomb, a supervisor in the AIU’s Head Start program, said that the Hatch platform has helped its staff ensure that students are meeting academic goals and are ready for kindergarten.

“This program not only helps our classroom teachers gather accurate data, it gives them back what they need the most – time,” she said.

“We are very excited to continue pursing technology that will help our program ensure that every child who leaves our classroom is ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.”