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National Disability Mentoring Day a Success

National Mentoring Day The AIU proudly participated in National Disability Mentoring Day, an opportunity to promote career development for students with disabilities through hands-on career exploration.  Beginning in 1999 with fewer than three-dozen student participants, DMD was created as part of a White House effort to increase the profile of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, celebrated annually on the third Wednesday in October.  This year was the second time the Allegheny County region was recognized by the American Association for People with Disabilities for the largest participation of students and business.

As part of their learning experiences, students are matched with workplace mentors according to career interests.  Mentees experience a typical day on the job and learn how to prepare to enter the world of work.  Employers gain an increased awareness that people with disabilities represent an overlooked talent pool.

This year the AIU hosted students from West Mifflin Area High School and several staff members served as mentors including Lisa Emerick, Romero Howard, Val Becker, Steve Callas, Eric Frey, Dan Hartenbach, Eric Adams and John Franciscus.  Thank you to Dr. Erin Grimm for organizing this fantastic effort!