Executive Director Search


    November 1, 2019

    The search for the next Executive Director of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit is officially underway.  We are excited to undertake this project, and look forward to a search that is defined by thoughtful transparency, effective collaboration, and a rigorous analysis of qualified candidates.  Over the course of the next weeks and months, we will be populating this section of the website with updates and information related to the search.  Please visit this site for details as the search unfolds.  Below is the job posting. 

    The AIU Board of Directors


    The Job Posting

    Executive Director, Allegheny Intermediate Unit

    With a mission to maximize educational opportunities for all learners through leading-edge, high-quality, cost-effective programs and services, and a vision for educational excellence that is the hallmark of the greater Pittsburgh region, the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) is undertaking a search for the next executive director.  Located in Homestead, PA in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, the AIU provides specialized educational services to Allegheny County's 42 suburban school districts and other educational entities. 

    The AIU is the largest of the state’s 29 intermediate units, employs over 1,000 educators at 400-plus sites, operates 11 family centers and three schools for exceptional children on a budget of $155 million. The AIU offers approximately 130 programs and services for infants, young children, students, adults and families, and our caring staff of educators, administrators and support staff provide specialized services to the county’s public and non-public schools as well as charter and career-technical schools.  The AIU is a liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

    Educational excellence is a hallmark of the Pittsburgh region with students having access to top-flight educational, recreational and cultural opportunities that push the boundaries of knowledge and thoughtful citizenship.  The AIU continues to be a catalyst and crucial contributor to those experiences, and works tirelessly to be an influential player in the socioeconomic future of the region.  Because the Executive Director oversees the implementation of all service programs, the development and delivery of consultative, advisory, education and/or supportive services to the school districts, develops and maintains relationships with districts, and establishes and reports annual, measurable goals to the Board of Directors, the successful candidate must embody the following experiences, skills and requirements, including but not limited to:      

    • The organizational leadership skills, characterized by an advanced ability to think and plan strategically with a sustained focus on executing the mission and vision of the AIU;
    • A proven record of success in leading cross-functional teams to achieve ambitious results;
    • The supervisory skills to effectively lead the AIU’s highly accomplished executive and educational leaders in a way that inspires excellence, builds teams, and fosters innovation;
    • A comprehensive understanding of the educational programs, services and organizational domains of the AIU, including Early Childhood, Family and Community Services; Finance and Business Operations; Human Resources and Labor Relations; Information Technology; Special Education and Pupil Services and Teaching and Learning;  
    • A demonstrated ability to develop, implement and assess the success of world-class programs and services that are aligned with research and that address emerging educational and societal needs; 
    • The ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and priorities effectively;
    • Experience forming, cultivating, and expanding partnerships with key constituents in the public and private sectors, such as foundations, individuals and government agencies, to curate resources that address the needs of those that receive AIU services; 
    • The communication skills and unwavering dedication to establishing and maintaining positive, respectful relationships that will inspire, inform and involve students, staff, parents, and the larger AIU community; 
    • A commitment to improving the social, emotional and intellectual lives of children and families in the Pittsburgh region by fostering a belief in their possibilities and potential;   
    • The advocacy skills to partner with other leaders and institutions across the state to promote a greater appreciation for the impact of public education on the human condition in the commonwealth and beyond by influencing public policy;    
    • The experience and ability to comprehend and execute a complex budgetary process that aligns the AIU’s various and diverse funding streams with the mission, vision and goals of the AIU, and that maximizes efficiencies and resource utilization;
    • The ability to consistently enlighten school and community leaders in the region about the AIU’s entrepreneurial business model that drives the development of programs; pricing structures and the anticipated outcomes of services;
    • The relational and execution skills to develop and sustain the confidence of a 13-member Board of Directors, which represents 42 districts of significant diversity as defined by achievement levels and various socioeconomic indicators;
    • A demonstrated knowledge of local, state, and federal laws applying to public education;
    • Utmost personal integrity that balances a strong commitment to transparency with necessary confidentiality in sensitive matters, who demonstrates the organization’s core beliefs, and the demeanor that aligns with the AIU Conduct policy;

    Additional Requirements:

    Extensive public education administration and organizational leadership experience required.  At least 15 years of professional experience, preferably within the PK - 12 education sector, required, along with a PA letter of eligibility to serve as a commissioned officer.   

    Interested candidates will be required to complete and submit the following information prior to a formal offer of employment:  Application, PA letter of eligibility/proof of qualifications to serve as an executive director, Act 24 clearance, current Act 114, Act 34 and Act 151 clearances (must be dated within 1 year of hire date), and sealed university transcripts.  School Personnel Health Record (Form H511.340 (8/2011)) must be completed and received by Human Resources prior to hire date.  Total compensation package commensurate with experience, and the established compensation philosophy of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. 

    Tom Templeton, Founder of TEMPLETON Advantage, will serve as the lead consultant. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Mr. Templeton at tomtempleton@embarqmail.com.  Candidates will then receive instructions on completing the process.  Note:  Please call Mr. Templeton at (717) 636-3238 immediately after sending your resume to briefly discuss next steps.  The application deadline for candidates to be assured consideration is December 22, 2019.