Van Driver/Center Aide - Wilkinsburg Family Center

  • Job Title: Full-Time Van Driver/Family Center Aide - Wilkinsburg Family Center

    Position Summary:
    The Wilkinsburg Family Center is seeking a Full-Time Van Driver/Center Aide to begin immediately. This position requires an ability to work with children from birth to age five (5) years, a general awareness of child development, and other duties as deemed necessary by the Family Center Site Director.  This position is accountable for providing child care during activities at the Family Center and also to provide other related duties as deemed necessary by the Family Center Site Director. 

    In accordance with the programs’ procedures, incumbent will safely drive the van transporting families and children to activities at the Family Center, field trips, and medical appointments and other related duties as deemed necessary by the Family Center Site Director.  Incumbent will also maintain the Family Center van and other related duties.

    Duties and Responsibilities:


    1. Provide child care during Family Center activities, field trips, and other activities and events as deemed necessary by the Family Center Site Director.
    2. Assists the Family Center Site Director and Family Development Specialist in maintaining care of all center equipment, toys and furnishings.
    3. Plan activities for group along with other staff, set up for group by determining what materials are needed for the event, and assist parents and children in participation of the activity.
    4. Participates as part of the team in Center related activities, planning and preparation.
    5. Observes and records specific skills of the children, i.e., self-help skills, sensory motor skills, food preferences, etc. Share the positive things that occurred with the children to their parents.
    6. Checking and stocking supplies by determining if there are adequate supplies for upcoming activities and events (paper, food, and books) pulling additional materials from storage room and list supplies that need purchased or re-stocked.
    7. Attends in-services, workshops, training sessions, staff meetings, and other appropriate meetings. Attend trainings offered by Office of Child Development as related to child care. 
    8. Performs computer work such as data entry, timely entry of all data, inputting all van runs and groups into the database, producing flyers and informational materials, updating mailing lists, and working on calendars and newsletters.
    9. Clerical skills such as typing, filing, answering telephones, and other related clerical duties as deemed necessary by the Family Center Site Director.
    10. Other data related responsibility as assigned by the site director or data systems manager.


    1. Transport families and children to various activities at the Family Center, field trips, classes, medical appointments, shelters, and other related activities as deemed necessary by the Site Director.
    2. Interact in an appropriate and positive manner with parents and their children.
    3. Build and maintain relationships with children, families, schools and community. Incumbent demonstrates the ability to work with parents, children, communities and schools.
    4. Represent the program positively to community residents.
    5. Pick up and deliver supplies and pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, and other related materials to or from the AIU Central office.
    6. Attend mandatory meetings or training’s as necessary.
    7. Make necessary appointments for the families and provide Site Director with a weekly itinerary detailing daily trips to the various community locations.
    8. Maintain mileage records/receipts and submit the required reports to the Family Center Site Director.
    9. Maintain the van on a regular basis having the oil, fluids and tires checked. Knowing when inspection is due and scheduling the appointment with designated service station. Ensure the van is fueled, maintained and always clean.


    1. High School Diploma/GED required.
    2. One (1) year of experience with young children required.
    3. Valid PA driver’s license with access to an automobile with a record showing no violations in the past three years.
    4. Ability to comply with AIU Conduct Policy.

    Additional Requirements:

    1. Current Act 114, Act 34 and Act 151 required prior to an offer (Must be dated within 1 year of hire date).
    2. School Personnel Health Record (Form H511.340 (8/2011)) must be completed and received by Human Resources prior to hire date.

    Working Conditions:

    The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    1. Sitting for extended period of time.
    2. Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling 35 pounds.
    3. Ability to kneel, crouch, bend and reach to retrieve and handle teaching materials and supplies.
    4. Moving fingers and hands in a repetitive manner.
    5. Ability to speak clearly and distinctly when communicating with limited English speaking customers.
    6. Hearing clearly.
    7. Adequate vision to perform duties.

    The information contained in this job description is for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position.  Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position and additional duties may be assigned.

    Disclaimer: The preceding description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities required of this position.

    Reports To: Site Director

    Department: Family and Community Education Services (FACES)

    Position Schedule: 260 days (year round)

    Salary: $20,000.00 (Grant funded - not negotiable)

    Benefits: Full Health, Dental and Vision Benefits

    To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to