• Rosanne Javorsky

    Assistant Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

Rosanne Javorsky
  • Rosanne Javorsky is a skilled educator with a wealth of experience, having dedicated more than 30 years of her career to developing high-quality programming at the AIU.  As the AIU's interim executive director, she is actively involved in creating and supporting a vibrant, inclusive and transformative regional education system.

    As a recognized leader in public education, Ms. Javorsky oversees programs that build capacity to improve access and outcomes for all learners.  Her work is wide ranging, but her efforts share a common theme of providing high-quality, leading-edge, cost-effective services to improve learning outcomes for all students. 

    During her tenure at the AIU, Ms. Javorsky has spearheaded a variety of collaborative efforts such as Teachers Leading Change, Code.org Regional Partnership, the Center for Creativity/transformED, and many others. The center has distributed more than $4 million to school districts for STEAM-related programs and also established the first K-12 STEAM Lending Library.  Ms. Javorsky actively seeks to establish partnerships and bring valuable resources to the region. 

    Ms. Javorsky holds a bachelor's degree in special education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She earned a master's degree in educational leadership, a Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility and a supervisor of special education certification from the University of Pittsburgh, where she has completed her doctoral coursework.  Ms. Javorsky also is a certified reading specialist.