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  • CISP Summer Program Goes Beyond the Classroom

    In recent weeks, a national conversation has centered around the need for more unique, diverse and equitable voices in education. The AIU’s work in the Community Intensive Supervision Program (CISP) was ahead of the curve, as it infused a gripping work of nonfiction from a talented Black writer, as well as a question-and-answer session with the author that engaged and energized the students. READ MORE.

  • Helping Families Thrive Is What Drives Family Advocate Theresa Devonshire

    Theresa Devonshire with son MJ

    Nearly three decades ago, Theresa Devonshire was in the process of signing up her son, Keir, for the AIU’s Head Start program. While that meeting was to put her son on the right path for school, it also set Mrs. Devonshire on a journey of her own. Gladys Lee, an AIU family advocate attending the meeting, noticed Mrs. Devonshire’s positive energy. She thought that Mrs. Devonshire would be a perfect fit for the program and suggested that she apply for an available job opening. Now, 26 years later, Mrs. Devonshire is still on the job helping families and children, and continues to expand her reach through several non-profits from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.  A natural leader, she was recently appointed to the Pittsburgh Women’s Leadership organization and to Mothers of Black Sons. READ MORE.


  • AIU Staff Featured in WESA Radio Segment

    three radio guests

    Our expert educators were featured in the Sept. 28 edition of "The Confluence" on WESA. Listen in as assistant director of special education and pupil services Brian Welles, secondary learning support teacher Mikayla Nolfi and hearing support teacher Maria Bennis discuss the return to school for special education students in our programs, as well as in the districts we serve. READ MORE.

  • The Tide is High for Waterfront Learning

    waterfront logo

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented immense challenges to all school districts. One of the chief concerns is pivoting to or between an online method of instruction that provides a quality learning experience for students. Enter Waterfront Learning. The in-demand program has welcomed 20 additional districts for the school year. Waterfront Learning is now facilitating 50 partnerships with districts and intermediate units across Pennsylvania to coordinate “Response to Return Plans” unique to each educational entity in order to provide robust virtual learning continuums focused on personalized learning pathways for K-12 learners. READ MORE.

  • Summer Campers Learn Value of Hard Work, Thanks to Benjamin Jones

    Benjamin with children

    Benjamin Jones wanted to show his students at the Lincoln Park Family Center that hard work pays off. Throughout the summer, 16 students logged in every day for three hours to prevent the summer slide and complete their academic summer camp work. To reward these students for their grit and follow-through, Mr. Jones, an after school group leader, used his own money to purchase each student a $10 gift card so they could buy themselves something special. Mr. Jones, along with staff from the center, drove to each student’s home and delivered the gift card, a toy, snacks and their admiration. READ MORE.


  • Head Start and Information Technology Provide Tech to Teachers

    Head Start and IT work together

    COVID-19 remains a challenge, as it was in the spring, but through experience, creativity and collaboration, educators are settling into the “new normal.”  And with that comes the need for new technology to reach all children, especially our youngest students. In a process that began in the spring, the Head Start and Pre-K Counts programs teamed up with the AIU’s Information Technology Division to put new technology and materials into the hands of its teachers. READ MORE.

  • AIU Director of Safety and Security Aaron Skrbin Receives PASRO President’s Award For Service

    Aaron Skrbin with his award

    Aaron Skrbin is the man with the plan. In his role as the AIU’s director of safety and security, Skrbin keeps tabs on all that is happening, locally, across the state and throughout the nation as he collaborates with educators and public health experts to develop strategies that keep our students, families and staff members safe. But Skrbin was not ready for what happened at the Pennsylvania Association of School Resource Officers (PASRO) conference. READ MORE.