Mathematics Academic Support

  • Mathematics Training & Technical Assistance

    The AIU Mathematics Academic Support team provides no-cost training and technical assistance at the AIU and onsite at schools. The methods that we use were developed based on research and effective practices in the delivery of mathematics education.

    Focus Areas:

    Effective instructional strategies in mathematics

    Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) in five areas:

    • Early Numeracy

    • Addition and subtraction

    • Multiplication and division

    • Fractions

    • Algebra and integers

    Acadience Math Assessment

    • Grade Band Trainings: K-2; 3-5; and 6-8

    • Formative assessment to improve student achievement

    •  Utilizing Diagnostic Assessment to Target Instruction for Students Struggling in Math



    Additional Services:

    •  Team-based intensive training

    •  Individual student team consult

    •  Customized training or technical assistance for district and/or school staff


    Mathematics Training and Consultation Coordinator:

    Dr. Shelly Burr


    Training Opportunities:

    You can find our training opportunities held at the AIU on the Training & Consultation (TaC) Calendar, TaC Professional Development Offerings 2022-2023 and listed in the Act 48 Workshops.