Mathematics Academic Support

  • Training and technical assistance is available at the AIU or onsite to share research and effective practices in the delivery of services for students in Mathematics.

    • Effective instructional strategies in
    • Concrete-representational abstract
      in five areas:
    • Early numeracy,
      • Addition and subtraction
      Multiplication and division
      Fractions and integers
      • Expression and equations
    • DIBELS Math Assessment
    • Grade Band Trainings specific to:
    • K-2
      • 3-5
      • 6-8
    • Formative assessment to improve student achievement
    • Utilizing Diagnostic Assessment to Target
      Instruction for Students Struggling in Math

    Training Opportunities


    Mathematics Spring 2021 Training Opportunities

    • Team-based intensive training
    • Individual student’s team consult
    • Customized training or technical assistance for your district and/or school staff

    Is there a cost?
    There is no cost for technical assistance or

    Contact AIU Mathematics Training and Consultation Coordinator:

    Dr. Shelly Burr

    You can find our training opportunities held at the AIU on the Training and Consultation (TaC) Calendar,  TaC Training and Resources and listed in the Act 48 Workshops.