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    During Fall 2021, Pittsburgh Opera will offer four virtual sessions for Middle School and High School students to explore the many career paths within a professional opera company. For students who may be considering a career in the performing arts or are interested in learning more about opera from behind the scenes, these synchronous Zoom meetings will provide extensive information and also allow for conversations. All Zoom meetings will be recorded for viewing again or at a later time.

    The goal of the program is to provide in-depth information about careers in opera so that students can make informed decisions about career and college options.

    Fall 2021 Schedule (Zoom Meetings on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 pm):

    Session 1, October 27, 2021      A Variety of Career Options at an Opera Company

    What resources are available for exploring opera jobs?

    What’s the difference between a conductor and a stage director?

    Who do you hear and see at an opera performance?

    Who is working off-stage during an opera performance?

    Who works at opera companies besides singers?


    Session 2, November 10, 2021            The Day-to-Day Life of an Opera Singer

    How do singers maintain their health?

    What advice would artists give to younger students?

    What is IPA? What are language requirements for classical vocalists?

    What is the difference between a voice lesson and a coaching session?

    What programs and competitions are available for young singers?

    What should be included in an opera singer’s resume?


    Session 3, November 24, 2021  Behind the Scenes at an Opera Rehearsal

    What apprenticeships or internships are available at opera companies?

    What is appropriate protocol for observing an opera staging rehearsal?

    What unions are involved in opera companies?

    What’s a typical day in a singer’s life?


    Session 4, December 8, 2021    Auditioning for college music study

    How can students make a good impression in an audition?

    How do singers manage their nervousness?

    How important is sight-singing for singers?

    How much do musicians need to learn about music theory and music history?

    What is appropriate college audition repertoire?

    What should singers wear to an audition?

    Which are the best college and university music schools?



    Rebekah Diaz, Manager of Community Engagement and IDEA Initiatives

    Marilyn Egan, Director of Education