Assistive Technology Documents

  • Assistive Technology Request for Consultation Options and Documents

    Teams make a decision as to whether the services of the training and consultation coordinator and/or assistive technology (TaC-AT) are required.

    Three options are offered and the documentation that must be completed for the desired level of service.

    Option A: Consultation

    The team requires assistance from the TaC-AT to identify AT for IEP/program planning purposes. An onsite consultation and team meeting are conducted.

    Teams requesting an AT consultation should:

    1. Complete the AT Request document
    2. Refer to the AT Checklists as needed to complete the request
    3. Review the AT FAQ to answer/clarify any questions
    4. Email the AT Request to their school district/program LEA for approval: [REQUIRED Special Education Administrator APPROVAL-page 5]
    5. Have the LEA email the AT Request, IEP, ER/RR or 504 Agreement to Kristen Tachoir.  In most cases, the student’s team will complete the AT Plan immediately following the AT Consultation with the TaC-AT

    A training and consultation assistive technology coordinator will schedule a consultation that consists of an observation and/or one-on-one work with the student. The LEA will designate at least two team members to meet with the TaC-AT to discuss suggestions and draft an action plan following the consultation. It is the school’s responsibility to share recommendations with parents if they are not participating in the meeting. 

    Option B: Training

    The team has a clear idea of which assistive technology should be trialed or implemented. Assistance is needed in training on the AT tool for an individual student, school or district.

    1.  An onsite consultation is NOT conducted.
    2. The TaC-AT meets with the team to train on the AT tool for implementation across environments.
    3. New tools will NOT be discussed or suggested.
    4. The IEP team may use the SETT Framework Part II - AT Action Plan to document the specific tasks and environments for which assistive technology is being implemented for an individual student.
    5. Requests for building or district-wide training should be directed to: Kristen Tachoir

    Option C: Use of AT Documents

    The team does not require the services of the TaC-AT; however, the team wants to document information in preparation for IEP planning or program development.

    1. NO consultation or training is provided by the TaC-AT.
    2. An onsite consultation is NOT conducted, a team meeting with the TaC-AT is NOT necessary. Instead, the team may opt to use portions of the AIU assistive technology forms for record-keeping and data collection purposes. 

    * If you are experiencing difficulty reading the documents on this page please contact Traci Seibert

    Important Notice Regarding Students Receiving Vision Services through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit

    If the student's primary diagnosis is blind/visually impaired, please contact Michael Horvat