• McGrath SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK Leadership Training

    McGrath SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK is a leadership program that provides Administrators, HR Directors, Principals and anyone involved in the supervision of staff with a framework for excellent communication skills and productive reasoning based in a philosophy of trust, respect, understanding and engagement to lead others to excellence.

    The McGrath SUCCEED system is a proven approach to supervision and evaluation that powerfully impacts people.  SUCCEED blends essential relationship principles with required knowledge.  SUCCEED will help create a culture of honesty and trust along with personal responsibility and accountability.  Participants will learn to think, listen, speak and write in a clear and principled manner - and to take action that produces systemic and sustainable results.

    This two-day training program applies universially to professional and personal interactions.  SUCCEED can be applied to supervision, evaluation, project management, leadership and continuoius improvement processes for lifelong learning.

    Participants will learn:

    • Constructive communication techniques, both verbal and written, that are based in fact and are legally sound.
    • How to create legally sound performance improvement plans and set performance standards.
    • How to implement legally sound methods to commend highly effective performance, encourage growth beyond average performance, remediate poor or ineffective performance, and to address and discipline persistently unsatisfactory performance.
    • How to objectively and consistently implement processes that will improve performance and create success.

    For more information, please contact Janet Breiding, Human Resources janet.breiding@aiu3.net or 412-394-5848.