Information Technology

Educators are always seeking new and innovative ways to engage students in learning.  The AIU's Information Technology Division assists schools and educators incorporate leading-edge technology to achieve the maximum impact on student achievement.  For more information, see this video or contact Jon Amelio at

Applications and Administration E-rate RFPs 

The AIU's Applications and Administration Team provides management and support of various information systems for the AIU.  It also administers cell phone and mobile devices, assist with E-rate and serve as a liaison between the AIU programs and Information Technology.

Infrastructure and Service Delivery Learn More 

The AIU's Infrastructure and Service Delivery Team provides management of network infrastructure and security, electronic mail as well as the phone and security systems.  It also provides hardware and software support for all AIU programs at all locations.

Regional Wide Area Network Consortium (RWAN)

The Regional Wide Area Network (RWAN) is comprised of 41 of 42 school districts, 3 CTC’s and the AIU in Allegheny County being joined together in a hub and spoke fiber optic educational network. Members choose between a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps connection and then choose upstream Internet connectivity based on need at a deep discount. The RWAN provides its member districts with access to the Pennsylvania state K12 network (PAIUNET), in addition students and teachers connect to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s backbone to Internet 2 for peering/caching of routes to major content providers including Microsoft, Google, etc. The RWAN is governed by an elected set of IT leaders from a cross-section of district demographics. Costs to maintain the RWAN are equally shared by the consortium membership and partially subsidized by e-Rate. This is one of the best and most economical consortium-based K12 regional networks operating in the US.

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