Waterfront Learning

Waterfront Learning, a service offered by the AIU, has developed a menu of diverse options for students and schools that incorporate high-quality online courses, PA-certified instructors, student support services and professional development at reasonable prices.

School districts benefit from partnering with Waterfront Learning as they prepare to meet the growing demand for cyber education.  Vendor provided content solutions, coupled with customized implementation planning and support, creates virtual learning environments that maintain integrity and curricular rigor.  Using Waterfront Learning's flexible, customized packages, schools can create student-centric learning experiences for full-time cyber academic, short-term placements, alternative education programs, course enrichment offerings, credit recovery programs and more. 

Parents of students in need of course enrichment and/or credit recovery also have services available through Waterfront Learning.  Parent-pay programs for both school year and summer are offered to provide remediation or enrichment. 

For more information, please visit our website at www.waterfrontlearning.com or contact us at WFLhelp@aiu3.net or 412-394-4996.


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