Together Time

Strengthening the relationship between parents and their young children as they play and learn together.

Together Time, a program for young children experiencing homelessness, is designed to:

  • offer families a special time to play and interact,
  • give parents techniques and ideas for everyday learning,
  • encourage the development of skills that children will need to succeed in school,
  • strengthen the relationship between parents and their children while they enjoy time together. 

Together Time was developed through a partnership between Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program and The Fred Rogers Company.


This website is designed to help you as you prepare to lead your Together Time session. Click on the links for helpful hints and videos about the 3 parts of each session:

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The Fred Rogers Company Logo 

For more information about participating in Together Time, contact Sarah Aglio at 412-394-4906 or


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